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Innovation Center

Breakout EDU

Miss Phan's 7th period English class enjoyed the "Mythology Around the World" game with Breakout EDU in the Innovation Center.




Ms. Linda Quinn
Innovation/Media Specialist


Ms. Melinda Crews
Media Clerk


Times are changing. 


Libraries became Media Centers, and now, Media Centers are becoming Innovation Centers. 


A definition of innovation is the introduction of new things or methods, and today's Innovation Centers do just that.  Students will visit the Innovation Center to touch, feel, create, build and innovate their own experiences.  The Innovation Center will provide students with opportunities to explore areas in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.  Students will learn about conductive technology by creating an interactive touch wall using conductive paint, conductive tape, and a conductive touch board.  Students will learn about wearable circuitry using Lilypad Sewable Circuits.  Other hands-on activities will allow students to experiment with light and sound circuits, robotics, jewelry making, fly fish tying, alternative energies, Smart Home technologies, Minecraft, and Chaos Theory.


Experience the change at the Innovation Center!