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Hello Everyone,

The WFHS Boys Soccer Varsity team has an upcoming District Championships game.

We play Wednesday, January 30, 2019, at 5:00 PM at Gulf Breeze High School, and the entry fee is $6.00. 

If we move on to Regional play, the entry fee will be $7.00.  

We’d love to have the support of students and faculty.  See you at the game.

Ms. Payne and the Soccer Guys

Date:               Opponent                               Time                            Site

Nov 6th & 8th    Milton Preseason Tourney      TBA                              Milton HS                   

Nov. 13th         Pace High School                     5:30/7:30                     Pace HS

Nov. 15th         Pensacola High School *         5:00/7:00                     Ashton

Nov. 16TH         Milton High School #              7:00                             Milton

Nov. 27th         Gulf Breeze High School *      5:00/7:00                     Woodham

Nov. 29th         Tate High School                     5:30/7:30                     Tate

Dec. 3rd            Choctaw High School *          5:00/7:00                     Choctaw

Dec. 6th            Catholic High                           5:00/7:00                     Ashton

Dec. 11th          Pensacola High School *         5:00/7:00                     Pensacola High

Dec. 13th          Pine Forest High School # *    6:00                             Pine Forest ($)

Dec. 15th          Washington High School         10:00/12:00                 Washington

Dec. 19th         Ft. Walton Beach High *         5:00/7:00                     Ft. Walton

Dec. 20th          Ft. Walton Beach High *         5:00/7:00                     Ashton

Jan. 3rd             Tate                                         5:00/7:00                     Woodham

Jan. 7th             Choctaw High School *          5:00/7:00                     Woodham

Jan. 8th             Gulf Breeze High *                  5:30/7:30                     Gulf Breeze

Jan. 15th           Pine Forest High School # *    6:00                             Pine Forest

Jan. 17th           Catholic High                           5:30/7:30                     Catholic

Jan. 18th           Navarre High School               5:00/7:00                     Navarre

Jan. 29th- Feb 1st  Districts                               TBA                              Choctaw

Feb. 5th            Regional Quarterfinals           TBA                              TBA

Feb 8th.            Regional Semifinals                TBA                              TBA

Feb. 12th          Regional Finals                        TBA                              TBA

Feb. 15th          State Semifinals                      TBA                              TBA

Feb. 20th          State Finals                              Deland                         Deland



School Principle: Shenna Payne                            Athletic Director: Marcus Conti

Head Coach: Keith Little                                       Head Assistant Coach: Lauren Hughes

Assistant Coach:                                                   Athletic Trainer: Maranda Brown                           * Indicates a District Game                                # Varsity only; $ Home game at PFHS

 West Florida Soccer Club/Santa Rosa Soccer Complex at 3360 Joppa Dr. Pace, Fl 32571

**** Revised 10/16/18

2018-2019: Girls' Coach

Coach Keith Little

Our team's website!

2018-2019:  Roster

Barrett, Kyla
Carr, Brooke
Carter, Haleigh 
Cornelius, Catie
Cotten, Alyssa
Dulay, Madison
Heitman, Julianna
Huggins, Ginger
Humphreys, Maddie
Jackson, Hanna
Jackson, Meredith 
Lowe, DD
Massie, Peyton
Neal, Dynesty 
Page, Jada
Paytner, Jaz
Portugal, Araceli
Smeltzer, Natalie
Stevenson, Serenity
Strong, Waverly 
Tampary, Marina
Williams, Hayamus
Williams, Kylie
Clarke, Madison
Gummere, Leah