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Advanced Career Experience (ACE)

course description

The ACE program provides on-the-job-training (OJT) for 12 th grade students. ACE students are released from classes to work part-time in approved career academy related training positions. At West Florida High School (WFHS), students working in paid training positions are classified as OJT, and those working in non-paid training positions are classified as GWL (guided-workplace-learning).

The purpose of both classifications is to provide the students with the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to actual work situations. 


The ACE program is a privilege earned by the ACE student and it comes with greater expectations and responsibilities. 

ACE students are expected to exhibit strong academic and professional behaviors and conscientiousness throughout the year. The student will gain knowledge and work habits which will contribute to their continued success in high school and beyond.   


ACE students are the face of the school, whether on or off campus, and are expected to be dependable, responsible, mature, and professional at all times. 

Students are to:

 Arrive at training on time and be ready to work

 Avoid the use of their personal telephone (no personal calls/texting)

 Not use the Internet for personal reasons (no social media, personal messaging, texting, or Internet surfing)

 Check in during the first 10 minutes of scheduled training (OJT ACE students using True Time, clocking in/out is sufficient; other ACE students should text or call Mr. Maygarden at (850) 698-5524, text always start with your name, i.e. John Doe, I’m at work)  

 Work at least as many hours as they are out of class each week. If a student has 5 th period ACE, they would be out of class 3 hours one week, (2 days at 1 ½) and 4 ½ hours (3 days at 1 ½ hours) the next

 Follow the Rights and Responsibilities student handbook:

Drug Testing – employers may require ACE students to be drug tested. Parent/guardian approval is not required for this drug testing.

Tobacco - ACE student use of tobacco is prohibited both on campus and at work.

Attendance – as an ACE student you receive school credit for ACE periods; therefore, you are on the ACE coordinator’s class roll. If you are going to be absent from an ACE period, contact your training position supervisor and the ACE coordinator before the period. Also, follow the regular school policy for having absences excused.

Dress Code – students are required to follow the dress code and personal protection requirements as set forth by the
training site.

Grades - each 9-week period, 50% of the student grade comes from the student evaluation and 50% of the grade comes from assignments, timecards, and paperwork. The training site supervisor is responsible for completing the student evaluation and ACE Coordinator is responsible for the assignment, timecard, and paperwork grades.

ace coordinator

ACE Coordinator:
Ms. Katie Brand