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Civil Engineering and Architecture (Project Lead the Way)

pawprintCivil Engineering and Architecture (Project Lead the Way): Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA) is one of the specialization courses within Project Lead the Way's "Pathway to Engineering" program.  CEA is an overview of the fields of civil engineering and architecture emphasizing the interrelationship and dependence of both fields.  Topics include the roles of civil engineers and architects, project planning, site planning, building design, and project documentation and presentation.  

Civil Engineering

Project Lead the Way

PROJECT LEAD THE WAY (PLTW) is a hands-on, project and problem-based approach that adds rigor to traditional technical programs and relevance to traditional academics. By engaging in hands-on, real-world projects, students understand how the skills they are learning in the classroom can be applied in everyday life.


  • Meet national standards for mathematics, science, technology education and English language arts.
  • Offer a complete career/technical concentration with an emphasis on both mathematics and science.
  • Focus students on one project over an extended period of time while working cooperatively and effectively as a class or in a small group.
  • Integrate mathematics, science, technology, and English language arts skills to solve complex problems.

Our formula for success is simple. Build strategic partnerships with middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, business, and industry to provide students with the rigorous, relevant, reality-based knowledge necessary to pursue engineering or engineering technology programs after graduation.

2022-2023: Academy Instructor

Ms. Jenny Lockridge

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering

Course offerings:

  • 9th Grade -- Introduction to Engineering Design
  • 10th Grade -- Principles of Engineering
  • 11th Grade -- Digital Electronics
  • 12th Grade -- Civil Engineering and Architecture

Capstone Project:            3-D Printer