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Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) is a student organization whose mission is to promote career opportunities in health care and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people.

Participation in HOSA assists students with the development of leadership and teamwork skills.  Participation in HOSA includes attending leadership conferences and competing with other students at the district, state, and National levels.

“to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health occupations education students, therefore, helping the students to meet the needs of the health care industry.”

President- Presides over and conducts meetings according to chapter rules. Takes leadership role in working with other chapter officers. Coordinates activities with chapter advisor. Keeps chapter meetings and activities on task

 Vice President – Assists the president in all leadership functions. Presides over chapter activities in the absence of the president. Assumes the office of president should it be vacated. Coordinates all committee work.

Secretary – Prepares and reads the minutes of meetings. Helps develop meeting agendas with the president. Keeps the roll at all chapter meetings. Prepares all chapter written documents and reports. Works with the treasurer in keeping the membership list and distributing chapter membership cards

Historian- Maintains a history of local HOSA chapter activities throughout the year.
Compiles the local chapter's Outstanding HOSA Chapter book. Presents the Outstanding HOSA Chapter book at the State/National Conference.

Treasurer- Keeps an account of all chapter funds. Collects all state and national HOSA dues. Keeps membership records in coordination with the secretary. Keeps financial records neat and accurate. Serves on the fundraising committee.

  1. Becomes knowledgeable about basic parliamentary procedure.
  2. Brings a copy of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, to all chapter meetings.
  3. Provides recommendations to the presiding officer regarding the conduct of chapter meetings Advises chapter members about the use of parliamentary procedure
    Community Service : Previous Activities include Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Manna Food Drive, Miracle League, Haunted Hospital – Fundraiser every 2 years, Health Related competitions, Health related Field Trips.

2018-2019:  Members

Aaron, Ryleigh       Anguilu, Kimberly      Austin, Jayla     Branch, Emma       Brown, Melanie     Bryant, Lexi

Bui, Kaylin       Carr, Elizabeth      Christy, Colby      Clay, Cathryn      Colston, Amaya      Croazzo, Alexis

Davis, Abigail      Dockery, Kahlia      Do-Malden, Miah       Douglas, Chloe      Efrid, Abigail     Faucett, Bethany

Frye, Tykeria       Gaynor, Alana     Glenn, Kaylin      Gooden, Octavia      Gross, Jamiesha    Guerra, Julianna

Gwaltney, Kendra     Hagy, Teya     Hane, Alexis      Hardy, Takira      Hardy, Mia     Hendrix, Claire

Hicks, Cheyenne     Higgins, Morgan      Holt, Frederick      Hunter Zilah      Johnsey, Cara   Keglovic, Grayson

Kelley, Kaleb     Kuswandy, Natalie      L’Orange, Alisha     Lathan, Morgan     Loriz, Jasmine

McAnally, Madelyn     McAuley, Katelyn     McCaffrey, Katelyn      McCrory, McKenzie    McDonald, Cierra

Mrachek, Sarah     Ndione, Mya     Newton, Kendall      Nguyen, Kim     Nguyen, Sydney     Nix, Alexa

Patterson, Neveah     Phillips, Natalya    Powers, Kirby      Ragsdale, Erica      Rajiv, Deesha

Ratzin, Kelsey     Richardson, Alaysia      Roebuck, Adell     Simpkins, Kamren     Simpson, Mia

Sims, MacKenzie      Smith, Taylor     Soper, Jasmine      Stewart, Belle     Sutton, Bronwyn     Thrush, Erica

Trahan Noah    Tran, Melody     Turner, Delaney     Wataka, Allison    Watson, Kiera     Weaver, Bailee

White, Morgan


2018-2019: Sponsors


Ms. Gail Ewing

Ms. Jessica Rutherford

Mr. Terry Thomas

Blood pressure

HOSA winners

Belle Stewart, Delaney Turner, Abigail Davis, Kaylen Bui, and Adell Roebuck -- 3rd in Public Service Announcement

Jasmine Soper -- 3rd Sports Medicine

Julianna Guerra and Kirby Powers -- 2nd in CPR/First Aid