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Military academy night

4th quarter lunch rotations

A - Bldgs 5, 26, Driver's Ed, & Health Classes

B - Bldgs 18 & 25

C - Bldg 3 (minus Health classes), Krostag, & Giles

D - Bldgs 1,8, 9, & Spanish Portables, & Organt

Attention Sophomores!


PSAT testing will be held on Wednesday, 10/24/18, for grades 9-11 and a few seniors.  

When the bell rings at 8:20 a.m., all students testing will report to homeroom.

Math Tutoring -- FREE

Math tutoring begins!!


On Wednesdays, tutoring will be in Mr. Moore's room:  1/251


Starting Sept 27th, tutoring will also be on Thursdays in Mrs. Dickinson's room:  26/208.


3:05 p.m. to 4:05 p.m.

Free/Reduced Lunch Information

Free and Reduced lunch applications can now be completed at .

Parents can place money on their student's account at .

new mobile app

ECSD Announces New Mobile App for Families and Friends

Download the ECSD Families App Today!

Escambia County School District announced a new way for students’ families to access information from a smart phone with the NEW ECSD Families App. The primary purpose for the ECSD Families App to make the Focus Parent Portal information system easily available and portable, as well as put District news and announcements right in your hand. The secondary goal is to make ECSD news more easily available to everyone interested in ECSD information, such as the calendar of events and sports.

Any parent, or guardian, who hasn’t already established a Focus Parent Portal account will find instructions on the opening tab of the App.
Everyone will be able to use the settings in the App to pick which ECSD news-feeds they want to see on their phone.

Available in the Apple App Store or on the Google Play store for Android phones, the ECSD Families App is free.

Parents: Has your address and/or phone number changed?

The Escambia County School District arranges transportation and other services by referring to the address on file at your child's school.  


Please help us maintain accurate and timely service for your child and ensure we are able to contact you in the event of an emergency by keeping your address and phone number current at your child's school.


Contact the Main Office/Front Office of your child's school to make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

Tardy Ticket Policy

Tardy Ticket Policy
- Students receive 4 tardy tickets/9-weeks.  They will receive a different color ticket at the start of the next 9-weeks. 
- Students are responsible for holding onto their tickets.  Lost or damaged tickets will not be replaced.
- Students must turn in a tardy ticket at the time of the tardy or the teacher will write a tardy referral.
- Tardy tickets are accepted during the first (5) minutes of class.  More than (5) minutes late to class requires a pass from a staff member. 
  • When more than (5) minutes late to class without a pass or tardy ticket the student will enter class and the teacher will submit an "unauthorized area" referral.
  • If a student is up less than (5) minutes late to the first period of the day (1st/2nd), the student proceeds to class & can provide a tardy ticket upon entry or receive a referral for being tardy
  • If a student is more than 5 minutes late to the first block (1st/2nd) of the day, the student is required to check in at the Attendance Office.  Mrs. McCaskill will submit referrals when a student has excessive late check-ins to school.

2018-2019: Class Sponsor

Mr. Michael Celis

2018-2019: Class Officers

Sophomore Class

President: Fisher Peacock

VP: Chasity Romero

Secretary: Destiny Thornhill

Treasurer: Emersen Giles


Jesus Figereo

Sha'Tee McDonald

Megan McCarthy

Having Chromebook issues?

Attention Car Riders:

Students should be dropped off and picked up at Buildings 25 and 26 off of Wymart. 

No students should be dropped off or picked up in front of Building 3 off of Longleaf Drive due to the large volume of cars from Pine Forest High School.  Please make arrangements accordingly if your student is a car rider.